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New recording of Accidentals

October 18th, 2017 — 12:46pm

I have made a garage recording of Accidentals with accompaniment from local wildlife.

The poems, which I wrote in 2008, are all on this website. I still have some of the paper copies left.

This is me in my garage studio. I actually was testing out a new microphone reading the poems and thought the result was kind of interesting with all the background noise, so decided to post it to my soundcloud.

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making sense of things past

June 14th, 2016 — 9:28pm

I recently had a clear out of my notebooks which i took when traveling in 1997-8-9 and filled with poetry and drawings (most are not publishable – but some of the o.k. ones are in the ‘poem library’ part of this site).


The ‘little red notebook’ and Schrÿfbloks.



Schrÿfblok scribblings.


The “little red notebook” which has a few poems and lots of other dreamings.


Self portrait aged 20.




Leunig influences.. yearnings for simplicity.


Psychedelic scribbles.


Being a nerd, I designed castles. Later I recreated them as ‘Doom’ levels.


Lines improving Somerset Maugham’s “The razors edge”.


I spent these travel days on my own trying to make sense out of life. I was heavily influenced by eastern ideas and the amount of meditation that i did put me in a completely different state of mind to any other time in my life. I can’t even really touch on those days with writing – they are gone but they are always deeply present in me.


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March 4th, 2015 — 1:31pm

to practice meditation
is to engage with a paradox

for at its heart to meditate
is to do nothing

this nothing-doing
is very difficult


meditation is sustained
by an absence of effort

such sustained effortlessness
is exhausting

a thousand teachings
vacillate on this conundrum

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the last post

July 14th, 2014 — 8:59pm

tomb of unknown

it’s ten years since i started this site. I’d made websites before, but ten years ago i started a poetry website, and then took it down and destroyed all the poems a few weeks later. Eventually I got it going again and tried a few concepts,,, and before settling into what is now the wordpress powered Pλόsm.

In this time I’ve designed several experimental java poems, beginning with an ‘infinite poem‘, through the unique poem compressor to logos (still a work in progress) – the poem to contain all other poems (a bit like Borges library of babel).

I’ve also self published six books or chapbooks/pamphlets of poems;

27 Watt
Rhymes for a Mood
Thief UCK
Poison Bomb

There is also a collected works “Curlicues” which is in progress.

All of these books are released into the public domain in accordance with the ethos of this site.

I’ve also had a few open mic readings, caught a poetry train to Sydney, hung out with an old Beat poet in London, got published on one(1) website (venereal kittens, thanks matina!), posted occasionally in a few poetry forums, and attracted over 42 thousand comments just in the last year about shoes and bags. Real traffic has only been a steady dribble of about two to five hits a day, some of which are me, and i have had just one comment which i could be sure was not spam.

Such is the lot of the unknown internet poet. I feel a solidarity with all those other internet authors plugging away out there. Shoutout to Pantaloons. I’m not sure what is next, i have felt a subtle change in me ever since writing brain crack. I am going to buy a guitar and write songs and study fossil fish for the next few years. Let me know if you’d like me to come back.

Alaric Jones aka Alex watt, Poetaster

Update: the lovely Joy Leftow has been in touch with promises of publication, so perhaps my laments above are a little improvident..

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no time

September 17th, 2013 — 11:02am

this splinter of time
we like microbes inhabit

is all over
in the striking of a match

a green spark
flaring to yellow and red and white

one renegade
tongue out against the wind

likes to start a bushfire –
but is fast puffed out

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January 24th, 2013 — 3:49pm

– thoughts flicker through the mountain ash of my tired brain –

Happy new year to poets worldwide. May your spandangles glisten with the resemblances of a fertile whimsy. i drink whisky 2u.

1 dream last nite – lung cancer diagnosis in a world grown green and dark – machine gun – living in broken houses – strangely happy

imagination strawberry hung over the current-sci paradigm – what does the paradigm say? go get a better bigger paradigm that captures everything.

disconnected sensations, like i am grooving to a new rhythm. transitioning over a ridgeline in my hand, a high pass in life. 34.8623.. thirty seconds is about 1 millionth of a year..

this gets better – there is also a dream i have about walking down the burra creek in some future aeon, those grandpa poplars have grown tall besides nice clear waters

i would like to live in america, visit some ivy league or join liberal artist collegiates in unending fun topiary mental twistery

abused by advertising, its seems more painful every day, like an insult to brain, tongue, liver. Long O Long for a world not(dominated by(greed, hatred), distrustful of(foreigners, children))

at least it’s getting(betterer*(allthe-(1/time)))


the first 6mth plan = philosophy of cosmos, mineralogy, trad grammar…??

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poetry train

September 16th, 2012 — 12:35pm

last week i took a train to sydney with some other poets and herewith is the efflusion:


train takes the mind
train takes the heart
train cuts through hills
train knows the way

the low strung out tide
of rising rails and fall
the talk of all the town
is gliding before all

a warm whistle wets the night
and superb dreams burst inside
a sleeping cow, up on its knees
in floodlit trigger hopper


lines written on arrival in sydney

please help!
we are poets
escaped on this train

from a crazed failed
social experiment

conducted for
over a century in the
blasted wastes of the bush

we seek asylum
in your luscious bosoms!
we seek wine!

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