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These poems are from notebooks, the red notebook and two Schrÿfbloks i filled what now seems a long time ago.. back in travelling days. I wasn't always consciously writing poems - but these jottings contain the first i suppose flowers of what was an evolving instinct. they contain a few interesting thoughts and phrases and i'm fond of them. The older of the two books is the red notebook i bought in india, it's a little handbound book with a red fabric cover and light blue pages. a sort of diary it fit nicely in the pocket and has travelled all over india and east europe and a few other places. The other notebook Schrijtblok was from amsterdam actually i had two like this. These date from my travels in germany and also a couple of months in edinburgh in 1998, happy sweet and sometimes sour times.

There is a post with some more pictures over on my plog.

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