Poems by Inchiki


Autumn Towers

From a tower, all the plane leaves like swastikas
are kicked off into loose piles - like your knickers.
It is careless to confess to any more
It is you and only you whom I adore

In the indigo blue I thought I found our ending
It was a loneliness, that bending in my mind
And the ones who let us down uncomprehending
All their traces only ink on paper herons

So the only love we know is love itself
As the love for love inside spells endless health
So the love for love outside spells endless dying
And the baby saved by all these tears is crying

Are you loving me or are you only loving?
And if your love is faulty what is mine?
If all but faultlessness is only crime
A hopeless love then surely such be mine

I wanted to smile well so I smile now
I wanted not to smell so, so be it
I wanted you to love my love and love me
I wanted you to feel my fool and fool me

A trance has fallen over both of us
We lazily dodge headaches on the bus
And steam up in the bathroom every morning
It is a heartless life we lead my darling

I'm gone from me I'm gone from you forever
I've gone off fighting over hill and dell
And when you find me tangled in the heather
The distance we have shared will make it better

27 Watt  2005