Poems by Inchiki


Chicken Dog

An obiturary for the bone which interested Chicken Dog

Riding on the bus one day
I looked down and a bone I saw
Lying awkward on the floor
Sad little bone that I couldn't ignore

Chicken bone! your day is done
Smashed at by our teeth for fun
Gnashed and smashed and bashed and torn
and thrown away with a spicy yawn

Climbing aboard now comes a dog
on the collar,
he snuffs you on the way past
his owner doesn't bother
your crumbed form is a long way from a human
but not a dog's care

'chicken dog'
says the boy
at the window
drawing outlines with his finger

You liked pecking and the simple life
better now that you like Peckham and the 363

I would have bent down to scatter the earth
but for my tie
and the rhubarb bus
swishing me this way and that so
i just toss the idea about inside my head like a trapped puddle

27 Watt  2005