Poems by Inchiki


For My Love

My Love said "why
don't you write poems
for me?" "I don't know"
I said, "It feels too personal"
but she insisted and so
here are a few words about

When she smiles
it's as if butterflies
come out of her shoes
I am o'erwhelmed.
Also when she smiles
wild horses are let loose
in my loin parts
and she has to get
a hanky
that's why she calls it
"hanky panky"
& qualifies me
for some spanky
(not really)

My love is a bird
that much is clear
- at least it's what I hear
her feathers ruffle
easily, that's when
I find I've done
some mistake
or not understood
her whim
in every way
in all its facets
taking into account
her real whim
which is disguised
but easily detectable
to Him

Him is her lover
to whom I aspire
and cling
like a barnacle-thing
on the side of a great
silent wail

My love does not
love me
in the ordinary way
our love is obscure
beyond the calculation of supercomputers
its fires are more subtle
than the faint pulse of the furthest quasar
just barely detectable to man
using instruments calibrated to unravel the deepest paradox

I am here today
covered in dirt
my arms are too long
my nose is too big
you cannot escape my hold
when we kiss
I poke you in the eye
to whom else
will this friendless man travel?
when the road is unwound
where is his heart
but in your clutch?
where is his aim?
his crutch?
It is poor
it is broken
all I have is you

Rhymes for a Mood  2007