Poems by Inchiki


Hume vs Popper

it's not just that i feel uninspired
my attempt has been as squalid as the next
fumbling around with reason driven mad into the ditch
only the heart kept a true course
impossible to explain from first principles
but seized in an inspiration
like a plastic bag escaping on the wind
flicked from the alley gutter over the tiles
that's when i feel i have put my finger on it
and i know i am not the first
to attempt from this side of the argument to
heave whole lumps of sugar across the divide
but that knowing
gives me some comfort when i lose my guts

Hume you leach
sucking away at my soul
the idea of yours that there is no soul
gives you some pore to cling to
fabricating matrices of thought
scaffolding the blinded poet
i am used only to feeling in the dark
for the perfumed parts
guided home by instinct, and warmth
and very slight noises
the rabbit slips into its burrow
you say there is a problem with induction
i say - i am the causative principal
not by will or effort
not even by breath
but by my being i can say that this is so

yesterday i woke up sucking an angel
a lump of sugar in my mouth
wings catching on a hairy story
there is no truth but the biblical truth
if you live in a bible
for the rest of us there are plastic bags
and sweet tea of rose hip and hibiscus flower
habit is the comfort of past decisions
but there was a first decision
that set the whole macabre show in motion
see that it is a soulful first act
or the last scene is likely to end with us
all being burned alive
as we are both actor and
playwright too - ay so rub it, rub it out

unpublished  2010