Poems by Inchiki



how blue is the sky[8,2]oday
as[25,6][3,2] my heart
or a[16,1]berry pie, [16,2]
[27,8] when i sigh [34,2]h [76,4][12,7][18,5]she goes by [19,2][77,2]nd avoids[71,4]eye,[34,5],[34,14].

[62,2]do want[98,2] die[42,2][13,3]'[10,3]say[21,4][7,3],[23,3][11,1][28,1] [118,2]ks me[25,1],
wi[142,2] [2,1]e look in her[68,3]
[32,9][47,4][88,4]so [47,3][122,3]"g[22,2]db[88,2]"[14,1][31,5]up at[192,8]
[204,19][92,2]it's[167,2] nice [193,30][99,6]


this poem is an experiment in poem compression. wherever a repeat of two or more characters occurs, a number is inserted in square brackets giving the number of characters to look back for the text to copy, and the number of characters to copy (a 'length-distance pair'). This is similar to the L728 compression algorithm, except that in the example above square brackets are counted as one, and can refer to those that precede them. maybe i'm not explaining it very well. anyway, i don't expect anyone to decode it as it takes ages so here is the original for the curious:


how blue is the sky today
as blue as my heart
or a blueberry pie, or
my heart when i sigh -
oh how i sigh when she goes by -
and avoids my eye,
oh how i sigh,
how i sigh when she goes by

when she avoids my eye
i do want to die - don't say
i don't, i do - she asks me to
with the look in her eye
she asks me to die
and so say i "goodbye"
and look up at the sky
how blue is the sky

it's a nice day to die

experiments  2009