Poems by Inchiki


Not Knowing Where I Was (I Knew Where I Was)

not knowing where I was
I suddenly knew where I was

(with you)

the moon in my heart
fell up to my throat

there were columns of light
a bus 19
later I realised – Hyde Park Corner!

the quiet world
like it was about to be rubbed out

potential was there
with a fresh opened yoghurt pot

and you - were you clothed or bare?

not knowing where I was
I knew where I was

giggling like the hem of a skirt
brushed over a step
inside petals, inside fruit

(she wore stripes and I wore a turban)

then we danced. . .

. . . it was in the snakepit
and I played in it like I had not played in it
since before
I was a baby

(The bum’s delight
delight the bum -
hold a party
with loads of beer
at a quarter to one
say “anyone can come”)

it was in the duckpond
eating chocolate mice
with mme ataxia and the queen
where I dropped my wedding ring down a drain
and later found it
the plumber

not knowing where I was  I knew where I was

27 Watt  2005