Poems by Inchiki


Notes of Spring

the wind of spring is all we hope for summer breath
brought calamity and hooping songs of death
a quaver wren begins to sing, an auburn force
lidless spirit warms the day and brings it focus
a breath of never-never washes dog faced over time
and groaning land answers even when itís hoarse
the lancing trees are rooted in the quartz pus
the sentence of the fences reminds me of a crime

so one foot goes before the other for the other
I raise my head the sun spins and stars rise up
a hollow echo froes the wall of the gully spirit
my stomach heaves I have a strong urge to spit
and knees desire sharp stones on which I fall down
to kneel and hold them like the hot hands of my mother

a broken ant upon a burning plate looks round
the soil and sticks decide its passage on the ground
a china lantern peaks into the river hollow
while all its rodents creep inside the rocky spaces
and from a limb a bird falls into its swallow
these are the tiny movements of a limitless face
whose fire animates the day and all who dare live
are victim to the order and sentiment of the land

Rhymes for a Mood  2007