Poems by Inchiki


Overheard in a Temple

The voyage is joyful
That takes me to you
But how heavy is the creaking world
With its burnt trails and homesickness
By the time death comes
How else can we hold back our tears?

My breath is sore from the deceits I speak and live
My heart is burnt from false desires
I hear your name and it is like a distant bird call
I hear your words and it is like cold water thrown in my face

Oh that my empty heart would bless
The sage in me as it ought to do.
Why cannot my river-mind flow steady
Not with junk trivia but great praises?
Who am I to care about this world?
And where is he whom praises deserve?

Several times I have burnt my poems for you
Still I await the touch of your grace in my heart
Won't you reduce my tears to smoke?
How else can there be peace in the cacophony of this world?

27 Watt  2005