Poems by Inchiki


Poem of the Embryo

Caverned in this small reddish room
I wish I didnt have to leave.
I curve my back, and press it to the door
Where I once, some other time,
Came in its closed now, but waits awhile
And the walls seem closer every day

Do you think, will I ever be here again?
I address it to my Mother, shes warm
Shes all around me now, her thoughts,
Her feelings flush and pulse through me as well.
Most intimately I share her blood,
It flows through her big heart and mine.

The time is come; paroxysm of pain.
The walls, my friends till now, crush in.
Her slender chord seems now an anchor,
And Im flushed into another day upon
That other world, where people rush
And have forgot their time alone in warmth.
She is here too, but alas! Not so warm now.

Schrijftblok  1998