Poems by Inchiki


Poet is the Poor Artist

poet is the poor artist
of this date and time:
it only costs some pen and ink
to make a little rhyme

and what does it cost to think?
or compose a line?
upon the page, lain bare, alone
poet is the poor artist of our time

the painter needs his pigment
and easel - that's not cheap
the violist needs his horsehair
and gut to make a peep

the architect needs CAD
the stonemason needs stone
all of which is so much more
than poet could ever own

there was a time
when words were dear
and princes had poets
at every ear

but now the word
is free to roam
it won’t need poet
to find a home

but poet needs word
its all he’s got:
no word, no food,
- the poet’s lot

Accidentals  2008