Poems by Inchiki


Prawn Connoisseur

dry as the mouth
of ied piranhas,
their asses easily
the plywood brain

autoism, rude farm
animals like at
gettysburg or
a school of twenty
fishes flowing apart
and together again

panthas wasting
geranium anteaters
consuming foie gras
plasma - i am
overknown by
pink -
aspects of
rodeohides and wolf
packs in the round,
baring and snarling
teeth all
fantastic to the
scarab mind. the
saros and silences
pick apart my soul
and foist bad god
on itself
a lapsed man posits
a frank ogle a frank
gestation - initiated
in times of panic and
friendship -
into gas now
posing like gaolers
faint passion, faint
poison faint
romance it strikes me
as anger or a figment
or an epistle
following after the
white sugar cart
loaded with
is wheeled into the

Accidentals  2008