Poems by Inchiki


Reports of a Disturbance in the Heart

A loose tongue spinning rhymes
reports of a disturbance in the heart
the culprits leave images like loose scales
holding rude positions in empty spaces
they betray nothing of their weight
soon it will be time to reveal their insides
to those around who share the life ordinary
exposing in a sudden flash of neo-apostasy
the full force of God and Politic - all at once -
in horror that is an absurdity uncoiled

Feeding on the sour fruit of human pain
the thousands watching may feel immune
but the seeds are dispersing with liberty
from a tree grown high upon a rock in the sun
rooting in the foamy reason of men
whom we fear, but whose only threat
may be the fear, if it rises to obscure
the simple love they cannot destroy

London whom we love, we are your tears
streaming down the streets of your white face
that afternoon; we are your blood
drawn to you by the pulse of escalators
and the golden pound in a blue massif
ran to the corners of your ruined glory
exhausted with the promises of nothing.
We heard of a disturbance in the heart
one ectopic beat - and we don't know
the cloven-tongued goat or if his silence
dusts the body of the Creator for whom we suffer

27 Watt  2005