Poems by Inchiki


This is Immortality

i emerged from the hollow of voices
and trickled down into the lap of maya
there i lay and watched the stars revolve
many years passed, i saw a thousand
nebulae crackle and burst into life
and be extinguished again by the plague
of darkness, leaving just a few glowing
sparks to fly off into empty space

finally i turned and clutched the breast
of my mother - it was warm and soft
yet ancient like the soil and the stones
i drew the ointment of life out of that
hopeful well and swallowed up whole
everything that she had to give in love
then i devoured the rest as well without
thought simply sucking at her soul to
fill myself then i left to wander the earth

i came here recently and you are the first
to know my story don't be afraid of the
empty spaces we can fill them in later
i need to know what lights those eyes
is it the curse of birth? i know about that.
is it the throb of the universe that rattles
about the cage of your bones? "Yes" is all
the answer i need from you and into this
cage i will creep like a spider to devour

the fly. i am the witness. i am the heart.
i wait for the end of all things. i watch over
humanity. i guide the dark glide the slide of
glass into the wrist. I know things about you
that you have kept from the others. they are my
pearls. once i am inside you there is no escape
from the delicate grip of the truth tugging
at your ribbons you will squirm to escape me
but your movements will only activate the venom

it is called the dance of the magi and all who
have danced have returned to me at last
after a little screaming there is contemplation
then there is realisation and the bliss of union
with me. don't be afraid of the kiss that makes
us forget the past. it is immortality.

thief UCK  2009