Poems by Inchiki



it's the first thing in the morning, i've just come down to work
and i catch a comma, and some asterisks ****ing around
in my toolbox
an ampersand looks on while a pair of parentheses surround the scene
“what the hell's going on?!” i scream
and break it up with a hyphen (&****-,)
of course this knocks the caseload of birdshot stops
which cracks apart like a pomegranate and spills its seed
. . . . .... .. . . . . across my divan
"AEIOU!" i holler - the echo of loosened valves eschewing my normally tempered rhythms
"don't knock me!" says a pipe | one of many
stacked burettes of punctuation standing neatly by
while an old $ sign tut tut's wisely saying "you'll
sprinkle those apostrophes about willy nilly like croissants
won't you?" and abuses me about the colon:
_not my idea of a nice start to the day_ but at least i
got to slip in an underscore one of my favourites
at this hour. stoop down to collect a spare stop. i'll be finding them
under the furniture for days.. no doubt.
AAH~~~ an aspiration is released into the air. what is this?
good morning pen! nice to pick you up when the sun is golden
and the day is full of promise. I wipe up the bench of
loose punctuations and stick them in a pair of braces for now {~!@#$%^&*()_}
pretty soon all is in order. consonant bricks ready. capitals are GO.
The toolbox is open.

Where to start?

I pick an
for Abacus
put it in an envelope
this begins my letter to you

ephemera  2009