Poems by Inchiki


enlightenment poem

got kensho?

anybody can do nothing unless they
got kensho
go get kensho then do something

i go to fridge
get salad bowl
i got nothing
'cause i got to get kensho first

i write a song lyric
it falls flat
got to get kensho first

try to write poem
no poem gets writ
got to get kensho first

try to find kensho
nothing doing
nobody knows where kensho is
people say 'keep looking'
don't know nothing till i get kensho

kensho is something
got to get kensho
a shoe - got a shoe
don't have kensho
a horse - got a horse
don't have kensho
a leaf
i can get a leaf easily
a leaf is nothing like kensho

they say kensho is easy
they say kensho is hard
they say kensho like glass
they say kensho like soap
they say kensho like frost
got to get kensho

try to fry an egg in a pan
with milk and cheese and butter
bloody thing won't cook
got to get kensho first

doctors, lawyers, engineers - listen up
second step is do study
first step is get kensho
kensho is very important
get kensho
then become doctors lawyers etc

i hear kensho on the radio
i call radio station say
'can you play kensho again?'
they say 'we never played kensho'
but i was sure i heard it

don't bother with anything in this life
till kensho has been attained
then you can bother with whatever you like

unpublished  2010