Poems by Inchiki


pressed cellulose and pinned hummingbees

#1032 Papaver spp. picked too early, already drooping, the stem hovering half an inch over the water;

#1086 Myscelia cyaniris "Banded Purple Wing" or "Royal Blue", stick through the middle, a little juice has come out and hardened into a ball;

#1150-1189 behind the glass, rows & rows of miniature grey & black wings, their powder staining a silhouette on white cloth;

#1045 Xerochrysum bracteatum, the everlasting daisy, doesn't press well, her spikes dig into the paper leaving shallow pockmarks;

#1044 more Lepidoptera, with wings of gold, always makes a man reach for the remote;

#1089 stripy socks & white sneakers & nothing else, antennae that are entirely apricot and easily detached;

#1107 found in a field of waving ears of corn, naked, caught alone in a delicate web, appears to be the only one of its kind;

#1005 found embeded in a banana from Brazil, but with poison glands removed; and

#1077 the red ginger, known in Samoa as the Teuila flower.


I have labelled these skins | seeking the secrets of rainforest and island | pin after stuck pin I force into the dried up bodies | and record my path through the lost myriad that decorate my net

unpublished  2010