Poems by Inchiki


the apple or the sphere

now that you have seen -
which describes that place to you?
the apple or the sphere?
self contained or contained within -
can we silence the question with one idea?
or will we have to pick the entire orchard?

to put it another way
if you chose to describe it
an apple is a sphere
but which can you rely on
for a tasty snack with some cheese?
and which one is likely to
bonk you on the head and wake you up?

and does a sphere exist?
stillborn in the theorists' mind
beautiful and thin blue lines against black
inscribe the shooting neuron in blinding hallucination
that is later proven experimentally by a speck
to show that fruit does actually exist

but where the sphere's perfection is broken by a stem
the universes enter
and within are the seeds of so many more
all in the palm of the hand

there the explanations end
and the real thing takes off
in an arc above the garden wall
and into the academy
but the sheer wall of silence there
remains unshattered by a single heartbeat

unpublished  2009