Poems by Inchiki


the cherenkov effect

is when a charged particle
travelling at faster than the velocity of light
meets its inevitable opposite
in an instant and describes its motion
through space with a blue glow
understandable only to they eye of a mannish boy
feeling after a time time that there is a reason, a fold hidden "uphere" a rupture to explore
-or that is the Upanishad's take on it anyway

two other explanations are waiting in the wings:
that there is a blue glow in all things, only to be released by the sun into fuller colours; as one two three, red green yellow, mars earth, and mecury, the gold silver alaska or buckmaster -- the other that light blue is just a screen or divide that inures us to radiation so we are are protected when one day the pulse that is the unfathomable the unbearable rhythm of life unplugged:

"oh mama
she told me
daddy told me too -
gotta stay away from that girl
she'll be making you turn blue
oh lord..." (&etc)

the cherenkov effect like all odd phenomena has been used to explain by pseudoscientists the behavior of lava domes and butterfly parks; that there are no torn episodes; that nothing is left behind after the bomb
that it is not space; that not enough balloons were at a certain birthday party; and so on.
but wracked by self doubt and internal wringing they came to self-implode after the means and ends were shown by physics to amount to the very same thing. this is an example of substance abuse. this is armoury gone mad. take it or leave it; this is the final proof of the possibility of time travel.

unpublished  2010