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yes. the year is growing into a dim twilight. except it's not in the southern hemisphere where it is getting blindingly light. (as always, a paradox at the heart of every statement of fact).

new code poem LZ77 is my latest and i am very excited about. I wonder if anyone else will find it interesting? let me know if you do i would so like to not live in a poem vacuum. actually, a partial vacuum is useful for poetry, but not a total vacuum, that's death.

some blogs/online/offline/zines i frequent, for the interested: clockwise cat freikin felinetastic, i wish i could figure out how to send a contribution, but the editor alison ross is an elusive sort... then (staying with the cat theme) there is Venereal Kittens which is a sort of a black velvet jewelry box hideout for poems. i also was just on the poetry of bernarda lain (sorry that should be bernard alain) which is a bit of a hub for poets and a useful starting point for wanderrings into electro-poem land. Where else? I LLOOOOVE THE PACKAGE INSTERT OF SORROWS but the blog owner seems to have locked me out recently. she's a bit of a flarf poet - speaking of which - mainstream poetry!

Where else shall this rambling assortment of blogs i visit take you? how about eye on mars although it hasn't been updated now for about a year. then there's pantaloons for a bit of an efflusion of gnawed verbage, bit like the title we just forgot but less sophisticated. I also love zygote in my coffee when i am doing the rounds of the sideshows.

when i search the web it is like i am running down hallways chasing echoes from a distant party - where is it all really happening online i wonder?

08 12 09 inchiki

p.s. i nearly forgot to mention tokyo correspondence by yuri kageyama - well worth checking out for poetry and thinkings.

_memories of a wend
"dung dung dung" is the sound i'm trying to capture, more or less
or - Woolsheds - the anvils that forged a nation
Eddy CUrrent Suppression Ring
Super Wild Horses (sing) with dan~!electro/multivox vibe:
"dung da dung da da, dung da dung da da"
blue light - no - green light. blue light too though.
Mikey Young show girl, show horse too, front rowler
vinyl dream
it's a sort of red spiral going inward
like the neck of a guitar, smooth, pulses of light
curl of a hip joint knocks out the feedback
little black box with knobs on --- ? yeah
it was like that//

white noise (image courtesy
29 08 09 inchiki

THIEF BIG WORD UCK poem event and sound happening, coming oneday to a room near you..
inchiki inchiki dances on the keys, still but singing new news to all of yous. ha ha murther.
Inchiki 10 08 09

i think i must have changed my personality again because this all seems a bit wrong today. and some of my poems lately are a bit wild. I apologise for any broken hearts or split plates etc. I flirt with Aespergers symptoms just to be trendy. AS with Marfans, what a spicy cocktail of joyous mitre block.

Burra Nature Watch has been spicy lately too with the water connundrum. I'm not really interested and would rather stay out of it. I would rather play Tombstone Blues.

oh and then there is this that i am working on


this is the new movement of POETRY BOWEL. not to be confused with previous movements of the same name. Pottery (B) is the new Renowned experiment in Form. that there is no poem, poetry, poets, people, plasta. That this truth has gone unacknowledged far two longeish by the poetry fraternity. Especially the war poets. 2. That poems, being real, are infact like trees, devoid of feeling and primarily a sticky thing. {here you will note the plasta reference already made before}. 4. that there are poems and then there are poems. I mean. yeah, you all know that. Take for an example; Verlaine. his highly refined truth paradigm was wholly dependent on the luscious space between words that resonates even now in multiple languages. the language changes, but the space between remains untranslated and eternal. 5. that my body, the body of this poet's son, is like the seed, and the poem is the tree.

signed in delusion

Inchiki aka alex ander james etc 07 07 09

Rowan's on my knee so can't say much. I wanted to mention the arp atlas of peculiar galaxies and those dancing mice. and about um. eddie current suppression ring whom i listen to every morning on the weekend. And i just rediscovered la linea that little line man from Milan.

Inchiki 24 05 09

01 05 09

Yellow Poplar day.

Hello diary.

Bought Grapevines today. 60xShiraz(PT23) rootlings, 60xViognier(HTK) on 1103Paulsen Rootstock, and 13 Rousanne(Vassal) on Paulsen Rootstock.

Autumn. A lovely time of year. Aqua Di Parma is also on order.

It's a good time of year for drying.

Inchiki 21 04 09

The poem library now has a brand new engine which makes all kinds of behind the scenes work much easier for me. It also means poems can be ordered by collection and later i might build in some sort of search facility. The new layout is a bit cluttered, but i like the somewhat messy typewriter feel enough to leave it as it is for now.

Google is still avoiding me so if you find yourself here by accident you can count yourself in a very select group! :)

That poem cube below is crying out for some funky java or something isn't it.. i'll see what i can do.

Inchiki 26 03 09

Alex Watt, Thursday Island 2009
at Thursday Island early 2009 with son (top)

Inchiki 02 09

S*y*n*t*h | Marfan | the drought
Noise | ♥♥♥♥♥ | a Fire
Buzzz | ℑStop | Black

Yamaha | Eye | Bush
Wave~ | PooPill | inLight
Transistor | On/Off | Cinder

Keyboard | Tooths | Withering
imFrequency | Interior | Crack!
Fuzzz | Enter↵ | Smoke Haze

^^ {my poem cube about today}

Inchiki 10 02 09

Ginger (our sometimes annoying cat) scratched me deeply between the eyes. I was chasing him madly about the house at about midnight and we both got a scare when i grabbed him in a rough way.

  cats meow
you tore at my eye
so i saw clearly
though mutually blind
at the same time
i could have drowned you
  in a sack and you
could have licked my face off
  and eaten it

Inchiki 21 01 09

Welcome to my new domain - ForkWord. A redesign is also in progress so please forgive the rough eges here and there. The old site ( should continue redirecting for a while.

Inchiki 20 01 09

2009, year of the fish. year of the blood donor. year of the straw. year of astronomy. year of pantomime. year of ugliness. year of growthspurts. year of no nonsense. year of indigo. year of plant matter. year of grunge bands. year of pizza. year of the telephone. year of the wong.

In the pipes (so to speak) for this year - music - and the old old quest to discover new sounds - getting together the required ingredients. Guitar, amplifier, computer, toad.

Inchiki 06 01 09

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