Hello there. Welcome to Pλosm.

Pλosm is like a new kind of religion, that attempts to incorporate eternal truths without being anti-science. Its symbol is the five petalled flower, which in turn represents the human hand, and the five letters of Pλosm.

P stands for Peace, Power and Poetry. This is the grounding—for peace and power are two sides of the same thing. And the flower of both is poetry.

λ—greek L—stands for Logic or λόγος, which is a kind of word or story or argument. It represents the working of reason through logical argument. It also represents a narrative of a particular reality, which needs language to exist.

O represents Οὐρανός—a god of the heavens, who is the universe. ‘O’ also represents the eternal circle, the serpent eating its tail, the unknowable. And it represents a planetary sphere, for us this is the Earth—Gaia in fact.

S represents Science and also Sacrifice—scientists are like priests who work for something higher than themselves, a higher understanding. When we work without thought for personal gain, then our work is true.

M represents the Muses, music, movement—all the arts—and the beauty that follows. This is an essential ingredient in any philosophy of living.

All of these things come together within the human being, and bringing these into harmony is the way of Pλosm. Pλosm fundamentally attempts to unite a scientific or rational view of life with a religious or spiritual one, without being self contradictory—or rather, it embraces the contradictions, which only exist if seen through an particular prism, but vanish when all views are taken as equal.

I am still working out the theology of Pλosm in these pages and in my life. It is a work in progress and I am adding to it and modifying it as inspiration comes to me. Feel free to explore, and experiment with the Pλosm life.