Two new releases and life stuff

album cover showing an inverted colour scene of a thin man in a hat on the edge of a body of watera black and white or greyscale scene of tall dying pines (actually around the back of my place) with the title Capital Crime Filew Podcast - Original Sounds by MULETONIC

I just put out some more music – the first EP “To Eternity” is left overs from my recent release “The Present Race” , demo quality material really, but i like it. The last two songs came about after my 2022 India trip, the first two are from earlier on when i was still going through the break up with Rose. Then there is a poem from a couple of years ago ‘The Poppy‘ which I’m really proud of, and a funny new song/poem ‘the peculiarities of Dr P’ which i recorded for a songwriting class i took with Buck Meek from Big Thief. The other EP is a soundtrack album of songs i made for local storyteller Nichole Overall’s Capital Crime Files Podcast.  Not a lot of my music actually got used in the podcast, but i liked it and decided to sort of finish it off and get it ‘out there’.  So that’s that, phew weight off my chest.  I am now writing a few new songs and enjoying being able to write new stuff without thinking that i have these other projects hanging over me that need finishing. Although maybe I should have worked on everything more and polished it up, i don’t know. I lost a lot of the original mixes for the podcast songs, so didn’t really have any other choice other than going back to the beginning and recording all over again.

Reading a Reddit chat with Bill Callahan he’s such a nice bloke, his music is doing a lot for me right now. Something about the note of tired resignation but still managing to get out of bed. Although he says he had to give up tea and coffee so i can’t imagine how he actually does it. Getting some very cold weather with winter on the way, constantly splitting/cutting and burning logs on the fire. Late night walks with Wally under the empty sky. Strange dark cold scents and shooting stars – one bright lime green one i saw in the east a couple of weeks ago, a long path and flash. I always try and remember what i was thinking at the moment i see something like that, trying to dig out the meaning.

Feeling less monkish and more like an old farmer, thinking about foxes and chickens and guns and sheds. Slightly concerned that i’m losing touch with the heart of things.. i go through this from time to time i think.. still i seem to be able to still function and i wrote a good song the other day and i’m writing emails and meeting people and keeping everyone fed and reasonably happy so probably nothing to worry about. Still probably going to do some more Sanskrit at ANU, something about Arunachala. We’ll see. Peace <3

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