Alaric Jones bio


Hello, this is me and my dog Runkle.

I have written poetry over the last 20+ years and published three collections: Poison Bomb (2011), Curlicues (which is a collection of poems from earlier unpublished pamphlets and notebooks), and Bleeding Nose Poems (2017).  My work has appeared in The Cartier Street Review and Venereal Kittens, but mostly it is published online, as part of this blog, or on my other blog, Wardrobe in the Cupboard.

I also write songs, though none of these are released yet. I do have a soundcloud page of unfinished demos and tracks I’m working on.

This site has a long history and I can’t even associate myself anymore with everything I have written here over the years. But please enjoy.

A.J. May 2019

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