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Over the last 10 years or so I have operated this site and written online under various pseudonyms, most lately “Alaric Jones”. My real name ‘alex[ander] watt’ is punctuated by a glottal stop and sounds like an unanswered question, so I have got tired of using it lately.

Being a bad poet feels much the same as being an undiscovered brilliant poet. I don’t know what I am. I suppose I am probably a bad poet. To save myself from this knowledge I avoid seeking out too many critical reviews which could reveal the horrible truth. Online publishing gives a satisfying sense of being published without it really being true. I tell myself it is some sort of contribution to the diversity of the internet.

This site brings together some of the diverse things that interest me. The name of the site “Pλοsm” represents Poetry, λογος (meaning an opinion or argument or word), Science, and Music. This just brushes the surface. I am fascinated with language and dreams and history and rocks and time. I collect old books and chlorodyne bottles and musical instruments.

I love discovering other internet poets who are trying to do something new here. Please do get in touch through twitter or gmail (halfpoet @ gm). I don’t live in a big city at the moment and have been a bit pre-occupied wtih children, and don’t attend as many physical-body gatherings of poets as i’d like, so the internet is my place right now.

In my better moments, what I do is dedicated to the search for truth. It is also a search for illusion – perhaps they are the same thing? Perhaps, not searching is the best way to search. Perhaps ‘truth’ is the most misleading idea.

Alex / Alaric

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