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I’d never eat your shoe

June 30th, 2016 — 9:38pm

A sudden plosm creates echoes. Later i exhume the body of an old pet, and notice that the chickens are all gone. So now is the time for wine and music… the blood on my fingers.. picking up the guitar the snow begins to fall, cooling my mind like a song.

Several days at home with my daughter, who has a fractured tibia. We do puzzles together. It’s winter now so I endlessly am chopping and carting wood, avoiding the weather, being sat on by my cats. Me and my million progeny extend to the horizons.

The world is suspiciously paused. Half the people think they want a revolution because they read about it in the paper. The world is sinking, but ever so slowly. People only notice it at the fringes.


View along the bluff trail

When walking in up in the Victorian Alps near Howqua, with some friends last spring, i was listening to the ravens and their strange half-human language which has been echoing around those mountains for millennia.  Suddenly i felt light headed and as i sat down i fainted and drifted off into a dream for all eternity.  Coming around with my friends shaking me, i looked at the mountains around me and felt completely confused as to what part of my life i was supposed to be living. It rushed back eventually and then i spent the rest of the walk worrying that i’d faint and embarrass myself again. But the experience of my identity unravelling like that was on the whole really refreshing. What i liked was the heady feeling of unconcern for my own mortal wellbeing. It’s a truism but once you’re dead you really don’t worry about being dead – the terror of death is a burden for the living alone.

Such a short holiday.. soon Sanskrit will take up all my time again. I was reading David Godman’s pages again this week and perhaps what i’ll do eventually is translate the Arunachala Mahatmyam. When I imagine myself in India again it’s either in the mountains or somewhere south.. these are always strangely lucid dreams, full of odd psychic vapours.

My other fascinations abound and are squeezed into these holiday periods.. recording music, reading about all the minerals in the world, and the metals, following the damn politicians..


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making sense of things past

June 14th, 2016 — 9:28pm

I recently had a clear out of my notebooks which i took when traveling in 1997-8-9 and filled with poetry and drawings (most are not publishable – but some of the o.k. ones are in the ‘poem library’ part of this site).


The ‘little red notebook’ and Schrÿfbloks.



Schrÿfblok scribblings.


The “little red notebook” which has a few poems and lots of other dreamings.


Self portrait aged 20.




Leunig influences.. yearnings for simplicity.


Psychedelic scribbles.


Being a nerd, I designed castles. Later I recreated them as ‘Doom’ levels.


Lines improving Somerset Maugham’s “The razors edge”.


I spent these travel days on my own trying to make sense out of life. I was heavily influenced by eastern ideas and the amount of meditation that i did put me in a completely different state of mind to any other time in my life. I can’t even really touch on those days with writing – they are gone but they are always deeply present in me.


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spring break breather

April 2nd, 2016 — 8:51pm

Thank god for spring break. So i can come here with some wine and finish or continue the thought i started ten years ago. It has got busy around here with the house full to the brim with kids and lots of uni work to do and also real work and then things to get drunk and poems to write or songs and all my thoughts are in a fragmented but happy kind of state.

Wine and mosquitoes in this room. New songs from BJM on the headphones. Bass ripples into the night through expensive compressors and space echoes.

सर्वकामक्रोधौ त्यक्त्वा गयोगी जीवन्मुक्त .. Sanskrit notes in my diary, i spend so much time on this now. My fabulous teacher McComas Taylor is in the paper today cause they are trying to cost cut in the school of Asian Studies, just like they did in the school of music.  Higher Education and research funding is really dire in Australia at the moment.  My Sanskrit notes sit alongside sedimentary sections of the Worange point formation from a field trip near Eden, NSW. It was a great trip, we saw more placoderm bones, some beautiful Devonian point bar channel deposits, perfectly preserved ripples, mud bombs and root casts. Also there was a storm out in the Tasman and the waves were really huge and crashing all around us spectacularly on the red cliffs there.

I am also Reading Russel for philosophy, who’s unseemly calm air I find strangely disconcerting. So in my final essay I argue (with Descartes) that the only a-priori knowledge is “I exist” and all else is induction.  I will take this argument a lot further one day.

Thinking about quantum computing, after talking wtih Michelle Simmons, and I think one of the great things these computers will be able to do is to do causality backwards really well. Rather than needing to iterate through and run from all possible initial states of a causal system to find the one which matches a current state of affairs, quantum logic will be able to pick out the initial state really quickly. This will be great in the natural sciences for running the clock backwards. I think there will just be a real sense in this kind of computing power when we finally use it, that we are reaching into a really mystical otherworldly magical kind of knowledge of things, far in advance of how our brains can ever know or conceive. It’s going to be great.

I am desperate to record some songs – I have lots of short bits with the kids chatting or screaming in the background. Need a solid block of time to use some of the nice kit i have now. So frustrating cause in my 20s when I had endless expanses of time i was too poor to have any equipment. In the meantime it’s all about the new BJM songs..


Look at this prawn that was in the sunset last week.. I am using Gimp to do all the editing work, just like Reaper which i use for music and GePHi for my network graphs.. i love (and support) free/open software in all its flavours.


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social media, pollution, bjm etc

December 18th, 2015 — 9:35am

After holding onto my old nokia for a long time I finally gave in and got a phone with a shiny screen, and noticed that my blog isn’t suited to devices. So i changed it for a while there, to make it easier to read on a tiny screen. But i’ve just changed it back cause it was too ugly like that. So, i’m sorry if you are trying to read this on a phone, this blog is for bigger screens. I notice that phones are getting bigger though, so perhaps technology will catch up with me one day.

I’m addicted to the ‘intellectual dry hump’ that is twitter. i like following Richard Dawkins, for his crisp logic and fearless online antics, Mat Johnson, one of the funniest and most insightful persons alive,  Anton Newcombe for insights into a beautiful music world which i wish i inhabited and Evelyn Enduatta who is an ANU anthropology student with a cool Yolŋu thing going on. I mention these folks to give a hint of the peculiar range of inputs that we can plug into on twitter. It is the magic of this social media phenomena which allows us to get sort of intimate with people who are global figures, or random strangers. I asked Anton the other day whether he could see any geminid meteors (such a nerd i am).  He said it was overcast in Berlin. That kind of little interaction is just pure gold to me.  But it’s not just about fandom gesticulating at their idols. It’s also about an exchange of consciousness which is not bordered like it used to be. Like the Dawkins feed – the springing back of forth of ideas is really potent. An argument is going on inside the mind of the humankind-animal and you can see it on twitter.  Reddit is also interesting, but with the forum structure it is less a stream of consciousness like twtter. I have been using it lately to post some new stuff.


I am still in love with Earth Wind Map and the new layers which keep being added. Above is the sulfate pollution map which shows how most of this in Australia comes from the Mt Isa and Olympic Dam mines.  Below is El Nino, the big yellow streak in the tropical east pacific. Indian ocean is also warm right now which i read on bom might be allowing some moisture to get to Australia despite El Nino.


what else? it is christmas and that is dreary. The days are very long. i am having a lot of trouble getting any poetry written, or music recorded.  There is a new tune i am working on – you can hear me playing it moments after i created it here. Actually, more than anything else perhaps, playing music makes me happy at the moment. the aliveness of a tune, its movement, is so seductive to the mind. when everything else is dead the music will live on..


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latest thinkings

July 19th, 2015 — 2:29pm

Last semester I spent a lot of time enjoying Jason Grossman’s and Dayal Wickramasinghe’s brilliant course ‘philosophy of the cosmos‘ (previously ‘poetry’ of the cosmos). This course spans a lot of material that I have been privately reading about for years – but the new and really interesting stuff for me was the detail on Quantum Mechanics, and the implications that the fundamental duality at the roots of nature – the wave particle duality – have for reality itself.  It is interesting that at the roots of nature, the familiar laws of logic seem to be broken. There is a different kind of logic at work there – and quantum computers are potentially going to tap into it.


Here is a picture of a cloud chamber I constructed at work recently. It really is a great experiment, there are plenty of guides online – you need a fish tank and lots of dry ice. Here of course, we are seeing matter exhibit its particle-like qualitites. Another fun way to tap into quantum mechanics at home is to do the double-slit experiment which is easily visualised with a laser pointer.

But that’s enough physics. I have been reading about the Gamilaraay language, here is a link to John Giacon’s thesis which is a great starting point if you are interested. After lamenting about the fragmentary records of Ngarigo, I am happy that there is work ongoing to revitalise another NSW language, and there is now a summer and winter course offered by the ANU and the University of Sydney.

This article about the end of capitalism touches on similar ideas I have been having about the need for all information to be free, for the group mind to emerge through AI, and for open democracy to be the functioning of that mind. I will have to explicate all these ideas again one day, but one fundamental part of the change that is coming, I think, will be the change in what we view of as ‘me’. This wait by why article about the nature of identity gives the background (thanks Kristina). Some of the thought experiments conducted here might not that far off. It is certainly going to be possible with quantum computers to simulate a human brain, and not long behind that will be the possibility of uploading a brain – and ‘animate’ it – pronto – the question of ‘self’ will emerge. Would you delete a version of yourself running on a computer if it was pleading with you not to, using your own memories and experiences and reasoning to convince you? Maybe you would, but it would be difficult to say why without using the body as the defining characteristic of a person.

It is convention to think of ourself as singular – this is forced on us by our being embodied. As we inhabit a single body for our whole life, it makes sense.  But the idea that there could be more than one entity in our heads is not difficult to conceive, and or course for some mental conditions this is a reality.  The other possibility is that we are part of a larger collective self – and in fact this is experienced to some degree by anyone in a close relationship – something larger than yourself is created while you are together. The breaking up of a relationship is the death of the super-person that exists when you come together. But although these might have some conceptual merit, for most people the body remains the limiting factor of what we consider to be a single conscious entity in real life.

However as technology improves, it seems to me that the connections between people are getting stronger and the body boundary is becoming less important. One can now live a life on the internet without leaving the house. In fact, we can live several lives through pseudonyms online and no one would know the difference or necessarily care. The body is still housing our consciousnesses, but in our interacting closely with others, there is a meta-being coming into existence. Its conscious life is in the flow of twitter memes and comment streams and the quiet cataloguing of everything by the google bots.  New technologies will empower this meshing of human consciousnesses even more. It seems to me that the unison of minds into one will inevitably continue to grow stronger, and as it does so our sense of self will become more and more a part of the larger whole.

Some individuals will consciously resist it, but the trend is there, and for most people there is an appeal in having access to all that life and information online. All those other people – we are attracted to them on lots of levels – and the mutual attraction brings us together into unity.

In fact, it is essential that this happens. We are approaching the limits of what the planet can support and the path of the individual is as doomed as a jar of self interested bacteria, spewing pollutants and poisoning itself. Only acting on collective interests – with the future of the species being of prime concern – will ensure we all get out of here alive. If we do get to the still sci-fi seeming stage of AI and/or uploading consciousnesses for immortal life as data, then that consciousness will be us – it will be you and me, our memory will be part of it, we will be nothing less than we are now, yet we will be greater than ourselves.

In fact, the body we inhabit will probably be seen for what it is – a temporary vessel for ideas that have a life and history of their own that runs deeper than any individual. The future of the ‘species’ is really the future evolution of our information – our knowledge, our memories, our languages, our songs, our history. This is what we really are. And this is why information needs to be free.

But what about the magic? People look for the soul – that vessel of some intangible thing, that unanswered question, that final question which cannot be answered. The soul may not exist, but the question will always exist, and in a way the soul cannot be parted from that question, that uncertainty, that faith.  It is at the roots of everything. The question of whether there is a soul will live on, whatever becomes of our individuality.

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bayesian reasoning proves i am a poetaster

September 12th, 2014 — 10:46am

i just ran a quick test and it came up with the following:

Web Tool for Sequential Bayesian Decision Making

Here’s what we have at this time: The table below displays the probabilities of the alternatives prior to the new observation(s). It also illustrates how the prior probabilities are combined with the conditional probabilities of alternatives by multiplying the prior probabilities by their respective conditional probabilities for the new observations. The resulting joint probabilities are then normalized to form the posterior probabilities of the alternatives (i.e., after the new observations are taken into account).

Alternative Prior probability of each alternative (before making new observations)
New observations: Conditional probability of each alternative when observing 3 more successes and 20 more failures
Joint probability (determined by multipling prior by conditional probability)
Posterior probability of each alternative (after observations are made)

A. i am a poet

0.941176 X 0.0000000000 = 0.0000000000 /sum = 0.000000

B. i am a poetaster

0.058824 X 0.0000922337 = 0.0000054255 /sum = 1.000000

sum = 0.0000054255

At this time, the total number of successes is 6 and the total number of failures is 21.

Conclusion at this time: ‘i am a poetaster‘.

Given this pattern of 27 observations, the conclusion would be in error 5 percent of the time. In other words, we would be 95 percent confident that this is the correct conclusion.

This assumes that the likelihood of success when Alternative A is true is 80 percent or higher, and the likelihood of success when Alternative B is true is 20 percent or lower.
We’re finished.

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The demise of Inchiki

December 29th, 2013 — 1:33pm

Sadly, my long time collaborator Inchiki met his end over the Christmas period. We were on one of our walks when he had the accident. It was beside his favourite green pond, the one with the green rainbows, and he was looking in, reflecting on a reflection of the moon, feeling in his young sinews the very poetry of the air. How bathetic it was then, as he slid beneath the water, slightly disturbing the surface. He hardly needed any push and seemed to shrug as his body limply sank down to the rank muddy depths. As I watched, I noticed how his white face staring up to the sky from below the surface of the water seemed to have become a child in reflecting the lunar goddess above. My heart choked me at that moment and I wept, and later I laughed.

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recent awards

July 11th, 2013 — 3:25pm

Inchiki is unlikely to speak about his numerous awards and recognitions but i think i should advertise them here, if only to provide a little assurance to that visitor who feels any whisker of doubt about the merit of the poems collected here.

Instances of Inchiki’s recognition in the world:

Inchiki’s first applause was heard one lonely night when the rain suddenly fell on the tin roof of the old house he was staying in.

He has brought tears to the eyes of sunflowers and snowdrops at the dawn, after sharing long nights of poetry together.

Once when Inchiki read a poem to the moon, it became slightly more swollen, then hid its face behind a cloud.

A wind has showered small white petals from apple trees, which fell over Inchiki’s shoulder and onto a page of poems; an accolade of a kind.

Grasshoppers and cicadas have briefly stopped their shrieking to listen to Inchiki’s poems on several occasions.

When writing poems using ordinary pens, Inchiki sometimes finds they stop working from the raw power of the emotion flowing through them. Inchiki now more often uses pencil than biro.

The sun shines a little hotter when Inchiki composes erotic rhyme, as shewn by the increasd moisture on his brow.

Inchiki says poems not written under his name and submitted by others have won awards, but is too shy to give details of his exact role in authorship.

Inchiki cannot read his own poems from earlier years as they burn his eyes and leave the taste of mercury on his tongue.

Poems by Inchiki and etched on gold discs have been flung to the farthest corners of foreign universes, so it is told.


These are just a few instances of high praise which I have drawn from my personal experience with Inchiki, no doubt there are more.

Alex 11/7/13

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poetry for sale

July 1st, 2013 — 3:11pm

I have done some work looking around the market, and have arrived at a price tag for my poetry. I am not normally a commercial poet, but have decided to open the front door of my mind to those who wish to speculate in my work. So, based on the researches i have undertaken, looking at particular examples elsewhere such as in the art world, and also considering the fact that poems encapsulate things like eternity which are notoriously expensive, i am tentatively ready to put an actual dollar price on my poetry.

I have determined that a medium length poem of mine may be purchased from me, fresh from my mind, for:

USD $32,000

Note that under certain conditions i may be willing to accept alternative items of value such as bullion, diamonds, narcotics, love, blood, tears (in vials), ancient currencies, ashes of poems recently burnt, pure sensation, or bat wings (ethically obtained).

Interested buyers can contact me through inchiki’s bio page to make arrangements. Note that all poems thus purchased will automatically be released into the public domain as per the ethic expressed elsewhere on this site.


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stupid news

February 22nd, 2013 — 1:23pm

.back at ANU studying latin, greek, and rocks. I nearly bought somerset maugham and graham greene from a bookstore trestle table but found myself in electric shaddows bookshop buying frank moorehouse and geoff page instead, modern boys. I discover and like that greeks wrote mainly in lowercase. also like that meteorites are in the news re DA14 close shave and that other one that hit us the other day. I hope that Rob McNaught at siding springs gets his funding now.

da14 asteroid by radar courtesy jpl
da14 asteroid by radar courtesy jpl

had a thought about how maybe if we define our own past and future only by holding specific beliefs & thoughts, maybe we are actually sorting the multiple threads of time in a sort of mentally driven survival-of-the-fittest game. Imagine that my future depends on my state of mind – well that’s no shocking news – but that all the other possible threads of future (which still exist regardless of whether i travel them) are being weeded out, cast away, out of my life, by my thought processes. Who are the denizens of those other threads? Other me’s who thought differently? All those who got caught up in other things.

From the point of view of a citizen living in this other reality, i am a distant god, waving his thought hands over their reality, and plucking from it the possibilities which are used in this reality. They get the cast off thoughts, the hand me downs, the second best. Somewhere there lives another me who is more neglected than the me in this world, evolution is pushing him towards extinction.

We need to make sure we are living in the right world, the successful world, not one of the many worlds that are headed towards an early death (by the bad mental habits cultivated by their weary inhabitants).

does that sound crazy to you? it does to me a bit.

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