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rigid structures

March 20th, 2015 — 4:18pm

I am an idealist. So for me, metaphors are not just literary phenomena, they actually have a reality of their own. They have a physicality too, and can encapsulate a truth just as well as any logical structure of language. Early Sanskrit poets understood this.

For instance, a space with negative curvature is best described as a saddle, which can be attached to a horse with a strap and it has stirrups. The feeling of standing in negative space is same as the feeling of riding a horse on a slippery icy street, which is a metaphor for being unable to grasp a thought. This should all make perfect sense.

Ordinary reasoning creates an inflexible structure which, while strong, is threatened by crises which might break it. It would be better if it had some more flexible joints as part of its fabric, flexibility being the unreasoned or inchoate type of logic, in which metaphor plays a part.

This is why dreams and hunches are so rich and I use them every day now.

Very realistic and lucid dreams stay with me all day, with crossovers into modern life and actual memories, in that enigmatic way that dreams do. They colour every moment, adding a mysterious other layer of meaning that is hard to comprehend.

When i think and make decisions, i try to act using my powers of reasoning, but also i try to act from a deeper sense of intuition that is enriched by all chance associations and sensations.

There are consequences for every small act.. we cannot possibly predict what they will be.. from the vastness of the universe there are strings yanking us in every direction and it is best sometimes to pretend you are a puppet and try not to resist too much.

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climate revolution

March 8th, 2015 — 9:32pm

I am reading a lot of depressing guardian articles about it. And i have a new t-shirt. So I am thinking about the things that have to change to tackle climate change:

1. the planet has to be seen an extension of our own body, our own wellbeing. It’s health is our health.

2. decision making needs to be as intelligent as possible and for the good of the whole of humanity.

3. there are no vested interests with enough power to threaten that decision making.

it is as simple as that. but in order for these things to come about, a total revolution needs to occur.

To change our view of 1) we need to reorganise the whole economy to value the health of the earth, and protect it as we would protect our own body from abuse.

To change 2) a new way of governing the world needs to be invented. I am not as enamoured with open democracy as I was a few years ago. Instead I wonder if intelligent decision making for the greater good might come from computer enhancement in a few years time. But that could be a dead end. Anyway such government will need to be essentially singular.

to change 3) it is necessary to strip the power from most people or corporations who currently have it, and use it as described at 2) where it can benefit of the whole race.

I suppose that such a simple idea still allows there to be a thousand arguments about ‘the best kind of government’ etc. but I will not despair just yet. And it might be possible to survive climate change with a less than perfect government, but the damage in the meantime to our civilisation will be so much more.. why can’t everything be simple alex?

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March 4th, 2015 — 1:31pm

to practice meditation
is to engage with a paradox

for at its heart to meditate
is to do nothing

this nothing-doing
is very difficult


meditation is sustained
by an absence of effort

such sustained effortlessness
is exhausting

a thousand teachings
vacillate on this conundrum

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