the groove of ’78

I was born in 1978 and although I don’t think i have any specific memories that i can be sure i can tie to the 1970s (when i was still under 2 years old), decades do tend to live on for a few years into the following one, and the general spirit of the 70’s definitely infuses my earliest memories. The music (Steely Dan and Gerry Rafferty and Blondie particularly) the cars, the cigarette smoke.

One early memory is of a bar that I remember being under Bonner house in a kind of basement level below the escalators ( it was called Adelaide House at the time. It might have been the Beefeater, which was open in the late 70s or the Adelaide Tavern. Dad tells me it was one of the first places in town to have pac man. My grandparents ran the shoe shop and repair shop that was on the first floor of that part of the plaza — they painted a large yellow giraffe on the outside and did a good trade in clarks school shoes.


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