Sitemap II

This website is a bit of a mess. There are two layers—the wordpress blog you are in now, plus a bunch of older web 1.0 pages, where my poems are archived by date into the Poem Library database . There is also an oldish page of experimental poems (using Java whirldiggery and such). My self published collections have their own page [2021 update: the sql that accesses the database underneath the old poem library and collections pages seems to have developed some bugs.. i will try and fix this.. please forgive..].

This site brings together some of the diverse things that interest me. The name “Pλοsm” was originally chosen from the words Poetry, λογος (meaning an opinion or argument or word), Science, and Music. Now I am developing it into a sort of philosophy or religion as described on the front page.

There are links on the right which go to blog posts, and links in the banner go to categories.

Wardrobe in the Cupboard is a dedicated poem blog (on blogspot):

All the poems here are released into the public domain.

Here is a bio page:

And that’s the most of it. Have a nice day !