– thoughts flicker through the mountain ash of my tired brain –

Happy new year to poets worldwide. May your spandangles glisten with the resemblances of a fertile whimsy. i drink whisky 2u.

1 dream last nite – lung cancer diagnosis in a world grown green and dark – machine gun – living in broken houses – strangely happy

imagination strawberry hung over the current-sci paradigm – what does the paradigm say? go get a better bigger paradigm that captures everything.

disconnected sensations, like i am grooving to a new rhythm. transitioning over a ridgeline in my hand, a high pass in life. 34.8623.. thirty seconds is about 1 millionth of a year..

this gets better – there is also a dream i have about walking down the burra creek in some future aeon, those grandpa poplars have grown tall besides nice clear waters

i would like to live in america, visit some ivy league or join liberal artist collegiates in unending fun topiary mental twistery

abused by advertising, its seems more painful every day, like an insult to brain, tongue, liver. Long O Long for a world not(dominated by(greed, hatred), distrustful of(foreigners, children))

at least it’s getting(betterer*(allthe-(1/time)))


the first 6mth plan = philosophy of cosmos, mineralogy, trad grammar…??