poetry for sale

I have done some work looking around the market, and have arrived at a price tag for my poetry. I am not normally a commercial poet, but have decided to open the front door of my mind to those who wish to speculate in my work. So, based on the researches i have undertaken, looking at particular examples elsewhere such as in the art world, and also considering the fact that poems encapsulate things like eternity which are notoriously expensive, i am tentatively ready to put an actual dollar price on my poetry.

I have determined that a medium length poem of mine may be purchased from me, fresh from my mind, for:

USD $32,000

Note that under certain conditions i may be willing to accept alternative items of value such as bullion, diamonds, narcotics, love, blood, tears (in vials), ancient currencies, ashes of poems recently burnt, pure sensation, or bat wings (ethically obtained).

Interested buyers can contact me through inchiki’s bio page to make arrangements. Note that all poems thus purchased will automatically be released into the public domain as per the ethic expressed elsewhere on this site.