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Couple o things. First, I want to plug the ‘iterated dynamics’ Fractint for windows beta by Richard Thompson, available at Legalize Adulthood. I spent many long hours with fractint on my old 386 and my 586. I’m looking forward to speedy fractal generation in my new Sandybridge i3, and will post some new juicy images here soon.

I have got my Poem Compressor to a decent level of functionality and welcome the interested to come and play at making their poems even more lithe vehicles of meaning.

Finally, i have had a good laugh over at the 13 greatest error messages of all time. I remember very well the countless ‘abort, retry fail?’ messages i faced working with DOS back in the day. It has reminded me to get going with souping up my custom 404 error page to display some of the original error messages, besides the only-one-keystroke-away ‘bad command or file name’.

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