recent awards

Inchiki is unlikely to speak about his numerous awards and recognitions but i think i should advertise them here, if only to provide a little assurance to that visitor who feels any whisker of doubt about the merit of the poems collected here.

Instances of Inchiki’s recognition in the world:

Inchiki’s first applause was heard one lonely night when the rain suddenly fell on the tin roof of the old house he was staying in.

He has brought tears to the eyes of sunflowers and snowdrops at the dawn, after sharing long nights of poetry together.

Once when Inchiki read a poem to the moon, it became slightly more swollen, then hid its face behind a cloud.

A wind has showered small white petals from apple trees, which fell over Inchiki’s shoulder and onto a page of poems; an accolade of a kind.

Grasshoppers and cicadas have briefly stopped their shrieking to listen to Inchiki’s poems on several occasions.

When writing poems using ordinary pens, Inchiki sometimes finds they stop working from the raw power of the emotion flowing through them. Inchiki now more often uses pencil than biro.

The sun shines a little hotter when Inchiki composes erotic rhyme, as shewn by the increasd moisture on his brow.

Inchiki says poems not written under his name and submitted by others have won awards, but is too shy to give details of his exact role in authorship.

Inchiki cannot read his own poems from earlier years as they burn his eyes and leave the taste of mercury on his tongue.

Poems by Inchiki and etched on gold discs have been flung to the farthest corners of foreign universes, so it is told.


These are just a few instances of high praise which I have drawn from my personal experience with Inchiki, no doubt there are more.

Alex 11/7/13