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spam flarf attack

April 26th, 2013 — 4:01pm


a flarf poet aims to say nothing at all
yet be understood

this poet always fails

the celebration of successful old poets is famous
evening dinner gown svilver pantaloon
goblet of glistening crescendo stiletto
dagger in the open mic air

flarf poet avoids the pollution of other poets
[of] other poetry

to be {known} is dea~!~!~!~~~~~!~!~th.

the secret flarf art cannot be found out by any “anthology”

point at flarf it disappears
frame it the frame contains nothing

if you think this is flarf
it is not flarf

regular poets laugh at flarf
if they do not laugh
it is not flarf


[pdf version with xtra whizbang & jizz: a flarf poet aims to say nothing at all ]

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