nogood midnite post

ooh what a contradictory mess. bjm + fart + bandwagon + idiot wine + corck + bagawan at 6 to midnight. what about the water pissstol?

i think there is a sort of revolution about to happen. I always think this. bulle and pull the titoff. methodrone strange juxtposition.


i refuse to agree that i am mad. the whole entire rest of the world = yes. me = no. this is the jewel attained through advaita. the subjunctive drowns all of it in insubstantial essenses.

so i suppose you are some lonely thing out there one century from now. well, welcome to my reality. I am pleased to see that civilisation has preserved a few bits over the intervening aeon. if not, then i am just reading myself again, sad reality of mine. this loneliness might realise something useful one day.

wine and destruction. i am the roman empire..

was thinking about a new hierarchy the other day. A sort of world government that had an aescetic nature which governed the planet, preserved the human race like a sort of zoo exhibit. I wrote about it already in the SUM part of the unwashed SIN SUM SON trilogy. Its representatives the ‘internationals’ forgo allegiance to any brand or nation and renounce wealth (i suppose) to .. oh but already it sounds hackneyed.

like the breakup of el38 or even moreso ef86s.. things are nicer when they are ruined. don’t we all want to know what occurred in the dark ages?

one redeeming thing i managed to do tonight was find and spontaneously purchase a copy of David Godman’s new translation of Sorupa Saram. I eagerly await this arriving in the post. Parcels from India are such enigmatic things, wrapped in different papers and bearing strange postmarks, I hardly ever want to unwrap them.


Image courtesy David Godman.