new religious bent

i have in mind a new kind of religion that explains everything. i’m certain that i will get it all right this time. there is an opening salvo on my wardrobe blog.

the eternal play of light and dark, matter and spirit, is just the interaction of the finite and the infinite. i call finite science, and the infinite God. Science endlessly consumes God. But God is endless and always remains whole, sheltering in the nooks and crannies of our ignorance – our blessed ignorance – and beyond the reach of time and space. The conquest is never ending and occurs within all the spheres, no matter how much science explains, describes, dispels the unknown, there is nonetheless an whole universe of nonsense to be explored by the fool with the candle in his hand and the chain around his neck.

the fool is God on Earth. he is happy and he has the answers in his own heart, although to everyone else they are nonsense. he has dispelled his own darkness and fear, and laughs at death, as life is only a dream to the fool. Science can make rude faces but he can never expel the fools among us, and even inside the scientist there is a dreamy fool somewhere.

but science can cage the fool, in a cage of logic, and only this makes the fool cry. though perhaps it makes him safe also, from himself and his own foolishness. and he begins to feel wonder at that feeling, and questions if there ever was a God.