a difficult wigwam walk down into Ettrema gorge.. the remotest place in the Budawangs perhaps.. endless scrub and scratches.. rock hopping starry nights, bottle of wine aka moorhose, wet splashy waterfall washes naked hopping into streams.. endless birdsongs hopping thru twiglets. big dark humanity just a whisper in the sky.. satellites and meteorites..


we alone in wild tough rocks and trees scree scrub jones creek cave splendid stinkhole old cans vines curlicue cliffs watermarked by old timer hands.. sphalerite, galena, chalcopyrite just standing out like the sparkly veins of a buried majik gigantic fist.. verdigris green copper leaching out of stained watercracks.. broken bottles in dark cold holes..


climbing transportation spur was a mistake, we should have died before it and floated up through ethereal weightlessness.. off the mark we explore a nearby cut gully, ageless trees, moss, a goanna, waterfalls.. up a final cleft to pagoda hewn monumental viewing plateau before crash home to car and fast hwy to wife and bed