Premry post of norence sense

Compared to the dancing ephemera of music and art, poems have eternity in their soul. For this reason, reading poems can be a genuinely painful experience. I like to know what I am getting myself into, before I don a suit full of prickles. So it is always a nervous moment, opening the covers of a book by a new author. But this is part of the day’s work of being a poem reader, we cannot expect it ever to be anything different.

This laziness creates the conditions that sustain most art and poetry. Because reading actual poems is so difficult, so painful, we reach around for something else that tells us what is worthy of our attention. We look for an interesting life story, or a charismatic appearance, or we just grab whatever is closest. These we trust to lead us out of the thicket of misunderstanding, but unfortunately we are only led further astray. Those others whom we trust have inevitably used the same feeble techniques as ourselves.

Finally the reaction settles into an equilibrium and we find that there are the heights and the dismal valleys of poets and poetasters. Certainly it reflects something of ourselves, of society, and even by chance some great poems are found thrust into clefts in the rock and tangled in trees. But it could have been so much different, if it were not for the weakness of our souls.

I’m working towards the next collection which is probably going to be called something like “Artefacts from freedom dreaming”. When it is done there will be updates made to this post with details of how to get it (for free, of course). The idea is that it will incorporate some essays and poems all around the theme of freedom. Musing on freedom is like opening a window to remove the stale odours of a world full of humans.

Recent posts have flattered the mystic philosopher that dwells deep inside me, but I like to think that I can connect him to the wider world with a filament of rational intellect. As google washes readers past these words 1000s of times, the stain of colours that remain unrinsed will tell if there is something substantial here, or if it is all just makeup.