The P in Pλosm is for Path or Sanskrit पद् ‘pad’ = foot (it has the same indo-european root as in octo-pous, “eight feet“, and ‘pedal’).

Each footstep on the path finds a balance between logic on the one hand, and the unknown (the ouroboros), on the other.

The path is not going anywhere in particular. The act of making each perfect step is the path.

A perfect step is an act of peace. Peace is an equilibrium.

True peace is effortless to sustain as everything is in balance.

If a peace is maintained only by efforts, then that is not the equilibrium of true peace.

Once a foot is placed stably in perfect equilibrium, there is enormous strength in that step. In this way, from Pada through Peace we find our Power.

The pada, the foot, is a metric unit of vedic poetry. And the rhythm of the journey from one step to the next becomes a song or dance, here it connects back with the M, the Muse of Pλosm, forming a circle.

There is no Law or Logic that can inform how to place every step perfectly forever. But each step is at the centre of its own logic, and the memory of this logic might inform the next step: Λ.