finding the limit

if logic ate its tail, ala the serpent Ouroboros, through self referential recurrence, then perhaps we could get beyond it through mathematical sleigh of hand.

Archiles approaches the tortise but they never meet up; tristram shandy never writes about the moment as it is being written. In my mind, i see these problems graphically, like a tan curve, or 1/x. Probably there are better ways to describe or visualise it.

in life we pass from moment to moment like they stepping stones, surrounded by the raging sea of eternity. To do this requires two faulties. One is logic, the other is the ability to transcend logic.

serpent eats its tail

Logic is sticky. It cannot get you from one stone to the next as it never reaches the limit of its own domain. Each stone is its own domain, isolated from the next by an infinity which parts them.

Only by transcendence (in the ordinary sense) can we lift our foot from the one stone and find the next. Then the stones become the sequence, but it is we who arrange them in line, our experience. There is no tool that can do this but our ability to disconnect from one set and move to the higher set, the set of sets.

I wonder at how laws and politics get bogged down when they follow only formulae, but need a human element to apply ‘common sense’, in effect to move an issue onward when it cannot be resolved by applying logical tools alone. I’m trying to think of an example but i can’t.

what a load of gibberish i have in my head today.