stupid news

.back at ANU studying latin, greek, and rocks. I nearly bought somerset maugham and graham greene from a bookstore trestle table but found myself in electric shaddows bookshop buying frank moorehouse and geoff page instead, modern boys. I discover and like that greeks wrote mainly in lowercase. also like that meteorites are in the news re DA14 close shave and that other one that hit us the other day. I hope that Rob McNaught at siding springs gets his funding now.

da14 asteroid by radar courtesy jpl
da14 asteroid by radar courtesy jpl

had a thought about how maybe if we define our own past and future only by holding specific beliefs & thoughts, maybe we are actually sorting the multiple threads of time in a sort of mentally driven survival-of-the-fittest game. Imagine that my future depends on my state of mind – well that’s no shocking news – but that all the other possible threads of future (which still exist regardless of whether i travel them) are being weeded out, cast away, out of my life, by my thought processes. Who are the denizens of those other threads? Other me’s who thought differently? All those who got caught up in other things.

From the point of view of a citizen living in this other reality, i am a distant god, waving his thought hands over their reality, and plucking from it the possibilities which are used in this reality. They get the cast off thoughts, the hand me downs, the second best. Somewhere there lives another me who is more neglected than the me in this world, evolution is pushing him towards extinction.

We need to make sure we are living in the right world, the successful world, not one of the many worlds that are headed towards an early death (by the bad mental habits cultivated by their weary inhabitants).

does that sound crazy to you? it does to me a bit.