too many dead genii

sorry for the last post, which was a bit drunken. I have left it up to help counter the more nuanced garbage that i usually write.

What else have I been busy with? Wasting time in Minecraft again, on the AU server ( and also attempting to make mods. Here is a screenshot of a small biome mod i managed to get working recently (very simple to do with MCD actually).

minecraft small biomes

This image shows a small patch of rainforest next to tundra next to beach .. etc. The next steps for minecraft should be to get finer and finer definition – i.e. smaller block size. Then the alternate reality genre will really take off. I can’t wait till the increase in computing power will allow these worlds to be simulated down to atomic size.. then we can have chemical reactions and rotation and all sorts of cool stuff.

I have a bit of a man-crush on Philip Zelikow, whose coursera lectures on modern history 1760-1989 are fascinating. Everyone on the forums has been won over by his goofy grin.

philip zelikow

This week North Korea are sabre rattling again, and I wonder where the tensions in the current world order will first be released. Then we would enter a world like all my weird nighttime dreams where cities are ruined and a strange rebel underclass is being hunted down by the corporations which control everything.

Also reading a biography of Richard Feynman, which i have got kind of torn up about somehow. Biography’s always make me sad. He was there at the first nuclear test – was the only person who didn’t wear shades (but sat inside a car where the windscreen blocked the UV). He was amazed at the clouds that formed. The first name he spontaneously gave to the bomb as he saw it explode was “the thing”. A Frankenstein moment.

Here is a Chlorodyne bottle i found on ebay recently: chlorodyne_bottle

Chlorodyne was an over the counter cholera treatment, containing usually opium and cannabis, which was widely used for all sorts of ailments from the 1850s up until the first anti drug treaties of the 1930s. I am amassing a bit of a collection of Chlorodyne paraphenalia. The lid of the bottle above is still sealed on, i wonder if it has anything in it? I have ordered another empty bottle today and will ‘put it next to the other one’ – channeling Eric Olthwaite. As the drug war seems to be winding up, gradually, i wonder if we will again soon have access to herbal tinctures of the nature and power of Chlorodyne?


I have been feeling confused lately by the plight of men. So many of us are lost – depressed – why is that? Why do we spend so much time in artificial worlds inside computers? Or following our obscure interests or perversions? I wonder if we are the enemies of society – look at where all the violence comes from – i feel like our days of usefulness are numbered. At home, all our boy ducks are facing the chop this weekend. I already chopped the head off one last Friday morning – clean bright blood spattered out. Nobody wants boys, we are totally totally useless, even if we might be geniuses sometimes.